kitchen decor drinking glasses frieze

Drinking glasses frieze

Give a personal touch to your kitchen with this frieze that is actually a guide for leaving clear in what order drinking glasses must be placed in front of the dishes, so you´ll never mistake.

Even if you don´t need the guide, it always look good in your kitchen , office, bar, cafe or anywhere.

Each glass is independent, you can make the composition you want or place them online as they come.

Measures;3 stripes of 39,37(w)x5.9(h)inches, 60 drinking glass sticker

24,79 €

.Polypropylene plastic self-adhesive for interior or outdoor use, It can be easy sticked almost on every clean and dry surface. To know more about.

Height 5.9 inches
Width 39,37 inches
unidades 3 stripes, 60 drinking glass sticker
Time 10 days from order

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