Drinking glasses frieze

Give a personal touch to your kitchen with this frieze that is actually a guide for leaving clear in what order drinking glasses must be placed in front of the dishes, so you´ll never mistake.

Even if you don´t need the guide, it always look good in your kitchen , office, bar, cafe or anywhere.

Each glass is independent, you can make the composition you want or place them online as they come.

Measures;3 stripes of 39,37(w)x5.9(h)inches, 60 drinking glass sticker

20,66 €

.Polypropylene plastic self-adhesive for interior or outdoor use, It can be easy sticked almost on every clean and dry surface. To know more about.

Height5.9 inches
Width39,37 inches
unidades3 stripes, 60 drinking glass sticker
Time10 days from order

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