My name is Marta Vázquez, I am an industrial designer and I created the Lagoa brand, recover your space about 15 years ago, when I started looking for furniture for my new little house, today, fifteen years later, two children and a new house, I still believe that Any house can be more comfortable if it has the right furniture.

My philosophy (and that of Lagoa) is very simple and can be summed up in one sentence:

Why do you have to waste space?

We are concerned about making furniture that does not occupy more than necessary, because we could not find furniture well thought out in this sense anywhere, and when the meters are scarce, every centimeter misused counts, even if your house is large.

It seemed that since LeCorbusier and his study of human dimensions, no one thought that true luxury is the space you occupy, and not your furniture, and the more space you have, the better your quality of life will be.

Lagoa furniture was born with this idea, simple, modern, discreet, with the right dimensions and at a fair price.

To stop feeling like playing Tetris every time we looked for something for our house.

We also design original, different gift objects that make us smile and that follow the same philosophy, those whims that must be given or given to be remembered with a smile.

Right now we have more than 1500 references, which for now can only be purchased online.

We work from Madrid, Spain and all our manufacturing is European.

If you want to contact me for any questions, suggestions or just to say hello, my email is:

You can find us on facebook, pinterest and instagram

  Social responsability:

We comply with and firmly believe the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child and the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women.

We do not tolerate child labor or any other form of exploitation, the minimum age is when compulsory education ends.

We also do not tolerate Discrimination based on race, caste, skin color, sex, age, religious belief, political opinion, membership of worker organizations, physical or mental disability, social origin, nationality, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic. , nor slavery or forced labor.

   Work-life balance:

We believe in work-life balance and that everyone is responsible for their own work and meeting their own objectives, we work without hours, each one establishes their own, so that they can reconcile their personal and work lives as best they can, our employees and collaborators must be treated with dignity and respect.

    Environmental Protection:

The protection of nature and the environment is one of the principles of Lagoa's business practice. We carry out a continuous effort to prevent and reduce pollution with special emphasis on the preservation of natural resources, as well as the promotion of responsible production processes.

Decoration and gifts for small houses

We love white and almost empty spaces, we think that true luxury is to move comfortably, less objects means better interiors.

If you like this type of decoration, this is your place.

We are specialized in small houses, and not so small, in not wasting space.