Shipping & Returns

The transport of your package:

Stickers and art: orders are generally prepared and shipped within 7 business days from receipt of payment, by certified postal package, with tracking number, in the peninsula it usually takes 3 business days to arrive (93% of cases). They are delivered by hand, they try twice and if they do not return it to your reference post office, leaving a note in the mailbox so that they can pick it up, from that moment it will remain in the post office for 15 days and if it is not collected, they will return it to our Offices.

Raw furniture and the entire diy wood section: 15 to 20 days, certified shipping, they are bulky packages in most cases, so they must be delivered by hand. If you receive your product in poor condition due to transport, we ask you to take into account the return policy.

Collection or custom furniture: 30 days for a collection piece of furniture, although it may be less time on occasions, we produce to order.

We do not want to earn money with transport, other brands include a standard cost whether the transport is carried out or not, we do not, we simply transfer the price that the carrier gives us, in fact if you have a trusted carrier, or want to pick up the product yourself, we prepare it for you to pick up.

In each shipment we calculate how much and who will take your furniture home, since it depends on the size of the package and the shipping address.

Our prices do not include installation at the customer's home, however, in some cases we do offer this service. If you want information about this service, contact us.

Return policy, your satisfaction matters to us:

We want you to be happy with your purchase, if there is something in the product that you do not like, and you notify us within 24 hours of receiving it, we will refund the price of the product. For this you must keep the original packaging, not having used the product and return it to us exactly as we have sent it to you, once it arrives we will refund the amount.

These conditions are not valid for custom-made products: if you bought a well-made product, according to your specifications or clearly personalized, you cannot return it.

If the product arrives damaged we need photos of:


-the packaging with the legible shipping label

-the product inside the shipping box

-and the damage that they have done during transport.

And if it is possible to sign the carrier who received it IN BAD CONDITION AND BROKEN, if not, we will not be able to claim the amount of the insurance that the transport entails, nor refund the amount of your order, since we will not be able to demonstrate that the product It has arrived wrong and it has not been the client who has spoiled it.