DIY Christmas Tree
  • DIY Christmas Tree
  • DIY Christmas Tree
  • DIY Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree

42 €

Nordic style DIY Christmas Tree that you finish as you choose, have a Christmas decor better than Rockefeller Center

46 inches high,  the pieces fit together like a 3D puzzle, and you can give it the size you want ( no more than 38 inches wide recomended) as you add branches here or there.

It comes with various ornaments also in wood socks, canes and spheres, so you can decorate the tree as you want.

After christmas you can  disassemble, perfect to recover christmas spirit, decorate your christmas as you like and make your own world.

 It also does not take up space, because it has little background. 

You can finish with any tipe of paint,acrilic,metallic or chalkpaint too, and it would last for ever.

wood: dm crudo

DIY wood Christmas Tree Nordic Style

Data sheet

46 in
38 in
8 in

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