Reduced price! Diy Gift Key Ring Holder

Diy Gift Key Ring Holder

Have you thought about giving away something to be remembered? Something unique that always go with the person you give it away?
These 9 keychains are great, each one is different, so everyone knows which is yours,you could write the name of the owner, paint each Keychain in a different color, give it that unique style you want to give, or give away raw for someone to spend a good time customizing.
Do not conform with things as you find, ADAPT THEM TO YOUR STYLE AND MAKE A WORLD THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS!

Improve your self-esteem doing your things exactly like you wanted, make a personalized gift for that friend who want to remember you when you open the door of your house, your car, or the trunk of secrets...

6,19 €


8,25 €

Set of 9 wonderful dmf keychains to be customized as you like, a great gift

Height2,4 inches
Width1,9 inches
Depth0,4 inches
unidades9 llaveros
Time5 días

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