Diy Gift Key Ring Holder

Have you thought about giving away something to be remembered? Something unique that always go with the person you give it away?
These 9 keychains are great, each one is different, so everyone knows which is yours,you could write the name of the owner, paint each Keychain in a different color, give it that unique style you want to give, or give away raw for someone to spend a good time customizing.
Do not conform with things as you find, ADAPT THEM TO YOUR STYLE AND MAKE A WORLD THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS!

Improve your self-esteem doing your things exactly like you wanted, make a personalized gift for that friend who want to remember you when you open the door of your house, your car, or the trunk of secrets...

12,40 €

Set of 9 wonderful dmf keychains to be customized as you like, a great gift

Height 2,4 inches
Width 1,9 inches
Depth 0,4 inches
unidades 9 llaveros
Time 5 días

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