Adorno de Navidad,Copo de Nieve

Christmas ornament, snowflake

Prepare a unique Christmas, made by you,  with our snowflakes you can !!!

Manufactured in dm, the best material to decorate it as you prefer, acrylic, chalk paint, metallic paint, or whatever you like !!

Make a beautiful, original and unique ornament because it will done for you, and will be exactly as you want, you can finally decorate your Christmas in colors you love.

Make a world Tailored for you, personalize your gifts and create unique environments.

19,84 €

Christmas ornament snowflake shaped 35 x 33 cm,made on dmf to finish as you like, has a hole that can hang where and how you want, we have used a blue ribbon, but it should be great with a rope

Height 14 inches
Width 13 inches
Depth 0,2
Weight 156g
Time 7-15 días

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