Dolls Frieze Sticker

Matrioshkas Frieze Sticker

Frieze, band or valance of dolls to decorate the children's bedroom walls or any other surface.

You can coordinate with the customized matriohskas to get the total look 

Each doll is independent, so it can be put making a frieze or distributed around the entire room. We sell in 3 strips 120cm wide each.

Measures:6,3x141,7 inches, 54 dolls.


Need samples to choose the color? Here you got it!


27,27 €

Girl room Matrioshka Dolls

Polypropylene plastic self-adhesive for interior or outdoor use, It can be easy sticked almost on every clean and dry surface. To know more about .

Height 8,4 cm
Width 120 cm
unidades 3 tiras
Time 7-10 días hábiles desde que se procesa el pedido

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