diy vintage stool
Diy Stool

Diy Stool

Vintage lines Stool, with an inviting design that fits perfect on every place as an auxiliar chair or to leave your cloths on at the bedroom.

Easy to asemble,no cloves or screws needed.

We send it raw and flat packed for you to finish on the color you choose, giving your home a personal touch, use your free time making something different with your own hands,change the way you value things around you or make a gift made by yourself.

Perfect for every place at your home, give it space at your living room and tell everybody you did it.

Need help? here you see a tutorial.

54,55 €

Quantity Discount You Save
2 25% Up to 27,28 €

diy proyects stool

Need more info about how to finish your furniture by yourself? here you got it.

Dont be shamed and show everybody what you can do with your own hands!

Height 35cm
Width 47cm
Depth 39cm
Time 10 días laborables desde el proceso del pedido

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