diy modular shelves
Modular Shelves

Modular Shelves

Modular shelves, you can cover one wall, or only use three.

Have you ever thought of using the walls to multiply your space? Our modular shelves would be a great option.

You can make different combinations, this is just an example,
For making it affordable we sell this shelves unassembled, so we can send them in an envelope, you just need glue,not screws, only to fix it on the wall.

We sell them 3 by 3 pieces, raw or lacquered.

165,29 €

modular diy shelves

You want to know how to finish your furniture by yourself?

it is an interesting saving and you can customize as you like! On the blog you will see how.

Here you can find some real instalations at our costumers home.

Height 15cm
Width 90cm
Depth 23cm

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