Swiming pool wallpaper
  • Swiming pool wallpaper
  • Swiming pool wallpaper
  • Swiming pool wallpaper
  • Swiming pool wallpaper

Swiming pool wallpaper

56 €

Give your walls a refreshing air with our pictures using them as a wallpaper, instead of covering the entire wall and having to wallpaper, use one of our models.

An advantage? we can customize them as you want, in this case we can add more or less bathers

Inspired by the magnificent photographs of the María Svarbova swimming pool series, we make a personalized painting as you want, to cover an entire measure or only a part.

If you want to use it for the bathroom not going to be in direct contact with water, we recommend the printed version in forex. If you want it directly in contact with water (for example the shower wall) we recommend methacrylate.



Easy to install without tools due to its thickness of 140g/m2, simply peel off the protector and stick it to the wall. Made of high-grip adhesive vinyl, even on surfaces with low surface tension. Very resistant to light and washable, they can be placed where water hits them (shower, kitchen backsplash), it is fire resistant (B-s2-d0) and not fire retardant.

How is it placed?

1. The surface must be dry and free of dust and grease, if you are going to stick it on the wall, wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry, any trapped impurities affect the adhesive and a small lump will be visible. If you have just painted the wall, wait a few days for it to be completely dry.

2. Place the first strip and place it on the wall with masking tape (painter's tape) without removing the rear protector. Leave a few extra centimeters above because walls and ceiling are never completely straight.

3. Peel off the back protector about 15cm and start sticking with your hands or a cloth. Do not use anything that could damage the surface, especially if you are working on gotelé.

4. Now the strip is already attached by itself, remove the back as you stick to the wall, always from the center to the ends, so that no air is trapped.

5. The next strip must be glued, mounting approximately 1 cm above the first one, so that the drawing matches. 

6. continue with the rest of the strips until you finish covering the entire surface. 

7. Cut the excess with a cutter (sharp so that the cut is clean) helping you with a ruler.

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