confortable mask cover
mask confortable

mask confortable

If the mask itches you, fogs your glasses, pulls your ears you want to take itoff for a while because you are at the sufficient safety distance or have a bar or restaurant and do not know where to leave it ....

We have the solution.

Made of very light fabrics to avoid giving you heat, the part that touches your skin is 100% cotton.

This mask cover will end all these problems, if you want to remove it from the face, just leave it on your neck like a handkerchief, so you do not lose it or touch anything other than yourself, to put it on again, pinch the cover and put it back protecting the nose and mouth.

Simply insert the approved mask into the space designated for this, and forget about problems, you will have it on hand to put it on when necessary without your skin, your ears or your eyes suffering.

They are sold 2 by 2 so you can wash over 60 degrees one while using the other.

12,40 €

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