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Oculto teletrabajo en casa

Hidden telework assistant

Teleworking is here to stay.

If you don't want to have everything messy and you want to be able to disconnect from the office, Hidden is your best assistant.

A modern secretary that fits in any corner, just lower the lid and you are gone from the office.

The recesses in the corners make it easy to route all the cables your laptop needs and the translucent silicone bands will keep your work area clear.

You can add legs like our chicken legs or our K legs and get a mini-desk, or simply place it on another table.

Its standard measurements are 70x50x12cm (closed) but we can make it up to 120cm, ask us here.

Like all our products, you have the option of buying it raw and finish as you want, or ordering it from us in matt white lacquer.

54,54 €

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