meter and hanger tree wall decal

Wall hanger and meter tree colorful

It's a coat rack, a meter, a tree, a gift.

Decorate the walls of children with our tree that with your hangers will help you keep your room tidy and most importantly, with the 4 apples you can mark how much they grow.

The 6 branches are independent, each tree is mounted as you want, with 6 hangers in raw wood.

Each tree is unique, unique, because you set it as you want.

You just have to take into account the 60 cm mark of the pot at the time of assembling

It is available in 303 possible color combinations, here you can see some, but if you want to see them all whatch this video:

Measurements: depend on how it is mounted, the trunk of the tree measures 118cm high.

48,76 €

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