ivy ornament sticker
Ivy, sticker wall paper

Ivy, sticker wall paper

Decorate the walls easily with our wallpaper ivy.

You can use it as wall paper, as it follows a pattern, or place each ornament separately, get a green atmosphere without watering, it creates a very cool bower pattern between vegetable and organic. You can combine more than one color*

Put a bindweed where you want and forget watering!


Measures: each set has 3 big climbing plants, 8 medium (that can be united making a long one) and 10 small bindweeds.

We recomend you install first the small ones,then medium and finish installing the smaller ones.



22,31 €

Polypropylene plastic self-adhesive for interior or outdoor use, It can be easy sticked almost on every clean and dry surface. To know more about 

*if you want another color just ask

Height 120cm
Width 34cm
unidades 19 ivy branches
Time 7-10 working days from order

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