urban oasis green leaves wallpaper
crear oasis urbano rapido

Debido a que este mueble se hace a medida la mayoría de las veces, necesitamos saber un poco más sobre el proyecto para darle un presupuesto ajustado a sus deseos, por eso le pedimos que nos rellene este simple formulario:

Y por último, para calcular el precio del transporte, necesitaríamos la dirección de entrega:


urban green oasis terrace

Decorate any corner with our wallpapers, instead of covering a whole wall, Hang a picture of fresh green leaves hand painted, and forget about caring for the plants forever.

Printed in forex, a rigid material that is eternal and endures any kind of inclement weather, will serve to decorate your terrace or the interior of your home.

The size of the leaves can be adapted to what you need, if they are large leaves will be more exotic, if you want smaller will be more romantic, you decide!

Because the measurements can be varied, both the size of the canvas and the leaves, we leave you a small contact form so you can ask us for a quote without commitment.

Standard measurements: 140x100cm.

48,76 €

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