wood door stopper
tope para puerta madera

wood door stop doorstopper

If you are one of those who leave the door open to take out the garbage, orwater the plants, or attend a messenger and you have been left out because it closes because of the wind, you need our door stop.

The organic design of this wooden door stop can always be in view, it is so beautiful that it looks like a small sculpture.

Make an original gift for those who have just released their house, you will leave them enchanted, it is practical and beautiful at the same time, it will conquer them.

Made of multilayer wood so you can finish it as you want, or leave it raw to see the wood with a thin layer of varnish.

Measures: 17,5x12,5x9,5cm

25,62 €

original diy wood deco gifts

Height 4,9212625 i
Width 6,8897675 i
Depth 3,7401595 i

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