Patas mesa comedor madera diy

Modern style table legs

Modern style Easels for dinner table

Table legs for dining room made of laminate, its modern design will make your living room look like none, to be easels you can place them at the distance you want, so you can compose your table the size you need, simply rest on its surface a glass or a board of the material that you like the most.

Measures of each leg: 73,5cm(h)x33cm(a)x74cm(a)

83,47 €

diy modern table legs

Made of plywood, the most affordable and modern option. 

If you want to know more about plywood, here you have it

This table legs are sended unassembled, you just need glue to assemble, at the blog you have an step by step tutorial.

Height 73
Width 73
Depth 30

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