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Maybe you can not have a Leonardo da Vinci painting in your living room.

And they may not let you decorate your house with playmobil products.

But ... what happens if you hang a picture of the gioconda in playmobil version on your walls?

The perfect gift, we take two icons from our western world and mix them in a very pop print.

Gifts designed for hipsters, nostalgic, modern or simply playmobil lovers.

Standard measurements: 30x40cm or 50x70cm, if you need other measures, ask us:

19,84 €

La mona lisa by Leonardo da Vinci in a playmobil version.

Art and humor in a gift.

The small size is high quality printed on rigid 200 grams paper.

The large size is high quality printed on cardboard tesso of 500 grams and would not need frame, since it has sufficient thickness.

Height 40cm
Width 30cm

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