nice printed world map small customizable
Printed world map

Printed world map

 Do you dream of traveling?

Install our world map on your wall and mark with blades where you want to go and with flags the ones you have conquered.

The only printed world map where you can choose the color of  land, ocean and the names of the countries.

If you need other dimensions just ask.

A great gift for travellers who doesn´t want to stick our famous vinyl map.

What will be your next destination?

65,29 €

world map

Made in:

1. Tesso Fedrigoni cardboard of 550 grams, a rigid cardboard of pure cellulose specific for posters, indefinite duration indoors.

2. 3mm thick Forex envelope (semi-expanded PVC) Plastic material with a homogeneous structure and compact, resistant and reusable surface, easy to clean, indefinitely lasting indoors and outdoors up to 3 years.

If you want it to be printed on another rigid support, either in foam cardboard, canvas with a frame or canvas with a frame, we will also prepare it for you.

More information about the materials of our frames here.

Height 97cm
Width 139cm

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