diy gift flower vase
La Ballena Catalina

Catherine the whale

Catherine the whale is a nordic style  flower vase you finish as you like, to give as a gift or let it swim at your home, we recomend to use artificial flowers that came out as a spout,(vapour from whale's blowhole) .

Make gifts made by your own, add value and make every one remember.

Catherine comes unmounted in 10 dmf pieces,5 for the body and 5 for the tail, just make sure you glue them keeping the higher ones in the center. 

Once it is assembled she is 6 inches high,7 wide and  2 inches deep, plus the tail, that you can put as far as you like..

Want to see how we finished the first?

Down here you´ve got a vídeo.

Have fun and make your own world!

23,97 €

Diy gift flowervase nordic style to be customized as you like

Height 6
Width 7
Depth 2
Time 10 días

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