diy wood teepee
Tienda de Campaña DIY

DIY plywood Tipi

Customize our tipi, tent, playhouse, or whatever you want to call and make a world to suit your tastes!

It is foldable, to not occupy space, assembly is super-easy, only use the velcro flanges , it has 2 windows that can be closed or opened and become counters, and then, when you no longer use you fold and does not takespace.

It is made of laminated wood, has not a single sharp corner, and you can end up as you like, or leave it as is (in that case let us know and we will give a thin layer of matte varnish so it is protected).

Do you dare to make a colorful little house? You can even finish itwith your kids. We have many different templates for you to do what you like!

You want us to paint it? Just ask:

140,50 €

Wood DIY Toys

Height 110cm
Width 100 cm
Depth 70cm

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