gifts for man design cloth stand a dressing room in small apartment
cloth stand

cloth stand

The perfect gift for elegant dandies with no space for leaving propperly his belongings.

Here you have space for everything, the suit jacket, tie, belt, mobile, trouser,a scarf, a hand bag...., with 2 extra hooks and a hanger, and it doesn´t ocuppy space.

We sell it raw so you finish as you like, customize it and make a great present for daddy that mama will love (no excuses for leaving a mess around).

Or ask us to finish it for you (only white).

It is sended unassembled, but assembly is easier than a 2years ols puzzle.

Dare to do your own proyect?

30,58 €

Cloth stand,perfect gift made in dmf that you can customize

Height 8cm
Width 49cm
Depth 6cm+gancho (15cm)

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