wall hooks

Cloud Hooks

Set of  5 cloud shape wall hangers you can finish as you like.

Very easy to assemble. no screws needed, just white glue.

Do not conform with things as you find, ADAPT THEM TO YOUR STYLE AND MAKE A WORLD THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS!

Here you´ve got a video that shows how to.

have a relaxing time finishing your furniture as you like, make a personalized gift to that pregnant friend  or ask us to finish for you (just white finish).

18,18 €

Diy Cloud Hooks

Made in mdf, the best material to paint it by yourself with acrylic, chalk paint, spray paint...

Measures: 15x10cm

The clouds come with a wall hanger (unmounted so you can choose wich side of the cloud you are going to show)

You can drill the cloud for heavier weights or use "no más clavos"

If you like to paint the eyelashes you have them at downloads.

If you want to write a name on it you have a guide on downloads also.

Height 10cm
Width 15cm
Depth 4
unidades 5
Time 10-15 dias

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