candle holder diy

Candle Holder

Enjoy assembling our multilayer candle holder and finish it as you preffer, have a fun time and customize your own objects, bring it to life with your own hands and give it as a gift, a present made with your own hands is more precious than one hundred buyed finished, but, we are sure you will not give it away and keep it for yourself...

This wonderful gift is sended flat pack and unfinished (if you want us to finish it for you just tell, but it has another price) so you can have fun finishing by yourself making it unique.

Need more information? Here you have a video, at downloads you have the instructions.

You can buy more than one set, and combine to infinity.

Measures (one set):38(w)x6(d)x4(h)cm

Each extension adds 24 cm w to the candle holder

22,31 €

Height 4 cm
Width 38 cm
Depth 6 cm
Time 7-10 working days

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