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Dinner Table Legs

Debido a que este mueble se hace a medida la mayoría de las veces, necesitamos saber un poco más sobre el proyecto para darle un presupuesto ajustado a sus deseos, por eso le pedimos que nos rellene este simple formulario:

Y por último, para calcular el precio del transporte, necesitaríamos la dirección de entrega:


Dinner Table Legs

Modern, strong and pure lines Dinner table legs, made of solid wood.

You can make yourself a modern-style table with minimalist touches to achieve a modern dining room or a visually clean and diaphanous office.

 In the blog we explain how you can finish by yourself.

You have here all the standard finishes that we have, and you also have the color finish, in which you choose the color in which we lacquer it, to choose this last finish, we will ask you for a sample of the color to make it exactly the same as the one you ask us .

For other measures, send us an email to make a personalized quote.

Measurements: width: 65cm long: 30cm high: 73cm each leg (sold 2 by 2)

297,52 €

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