• Furniture

    Tired of searching furniture for your not so small Home?


    Don´t get frustrated, your house is not that small, they are trying to make us loose living space. Thats why Lagoa was born.

    .We worry about designing furniture that does not fullfill your space, every bad used inch counts, even in your house is big.

    .We think that real luxe is to move in confort, thats why you can ask us for the measures that really work for you.


  • Walls


    Stickers, wallpaper, vinyl, prints, friezes, maps...


    You can decorate any corner of your house without taking up space, easy and affordable.


    Any questions about colors, measurements, just send us an email to lagoa@lagoa.es to find what you are looking for and make your home something unique, because you like fuchsia mixed with lemon yellow and intense green, or the opposite...


    The main star is you!

  • Storage

    All to order your home,

    free your home

    and your mind 

  • Lighting

    We know light is the most important fact ti transforme a house into a home.

    It is the ingredient that makes a space cozy and elegant.

    We make taylor shades, wood lamp bases, wall mounted sconces, 

  • Gifts

    Excelents gifts, singular, unique, original design, for small homes, for diy lovers, cretives, personalized and taylor made

  • Bargains

    Prototypes, customer returns for wrong color chosen, that proceed from exhibitions, discounted items....

    The bargain section