Mapamundi decoración juvenil -
Mapamundi decoración juvenil

Mapamundi decoración juvenil

The only world map in which you can choose the colors of countries, oceans and names.

With the country names in Spanish,or English designed to decorate any room for kids or teens,

So it will be useful to know where each country is and learn it for future trips!.

A great gift to decorate the youth bedroom, which we have reviewed over and over again so that there is no failure or missing any country.

You have standard measurements available here, if you want another personalized measure, we also do it, we are here for that, so that your house is unique, send us an e-mail.

Measures: 54x38 in. other measures see collection.

Who are you going to give it to?

70,25 €

Youth decoration map

This product can be made to the measure you want, if you are looking for another size, send us an e-mail.

Manufactured in

Tesso Fedrigoni cardboard of 550 grams, a rigid carton of pure cellulose specific for posters, indefinite duration in interior.

Or  Forex (PVC semiexpandido) Plastic material of homogeneous structure and compact surface resistant and reusable and easy to clean, indefinite duration indoors and outdoors up to 3 years.

If you want it to go on another rigid support, whether it is in cardboard, canvas with frame or canvas, we also prepare it for you.

More information about the materials of our paintings here.

Height 38
Width 55

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