diy decoration gift wood airplane
  • diy decoration gift wood airplane
  • diy decoration gift wood airplane

diy decoration gift wood airplane

23 €

This wood plane with timeless aesthetics is perfect to decorate any corner of a design lover, or to make a gift by personalizing it yourself, its rounded shapes make it friendly, emanate charm, charisma and stimulate the soul.

It is easily assembled with white glue and each one finishes as it wishes, you can make a complete collection of airplanes or prepare an innovative and cosmopolitan wooden toy for the young at heart, for children of 100 years old.

Increase your self-esteem by doing things exactly as you wanted, make a personalized gift made with your own hands, you will leave an unforgettable memory, each plane is unique, because you have made it yourself. you dare?

And if you do not want to buy it raw, we'll finish it in satin white.

Measures: 9x13x20cm

wood: lacado blanco

handmade gift wooden toy for young at heart

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