The entryway to your home is your presentation,

no matter how small, it says too much about you to ignore.

Find at Lagoa everything you need to decorate in style without losing space.

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Finally is back! Our christmas tree sticker, an original way to set your christmas decoration without overloading space. It can be sticked almost everywhere, and removed easily when holidays are over, have fun with your kids setting even at your small home. Three different sizes to choose an so many colors to combine. Video guide.

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Prepare a unique Christmas, made by you,  with our snowflakes you can !!! Manufactured in dm, the best material to decorate it as you prefer, acrylic, chalk paint, metallic paint, or whatever you like !! Make a beautiful, original and unique ornament because it will done for you, and will be exactly as you want, you can finally decorate your Christmas in...

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Lighting is the key that makes a house become your home.Made in Chintz, a satin cotton fabric small and clean weft, that fits perfectly on every ambient, happy or sophisticated, depends on the color you choose!

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Lighting is the key that makes a house become your home. Made in linen, a fabric similar as sackcloth but with smaller weft, that fits perfect on any ambient, rustic or modern giving a soft touch. This model comes with a light parchment paper diffusser on the bottom. Other measures or fabrics? At lagoa we offer the posibility to send us the fabric you...

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Lighting is the key that makes a house become your home. Create a soft,chic and modern ambient with our shades. Made in Chintz, a satin cotton fabric small and clean weft. This model comes with a light paper diffuser on the bottom. Measures:diameter 60cm,height 15cm. If you like other sizes,shapes or fabric just ask!

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Catherine the whale is a nordic style  flower vase you finish as you like, to give as a gift or let it swim at your home, we recomend to use artificial flowers that came out as a spout,(vapour from whale's blowhole) . Make gifts made by your own, add value and make every one remember. Catherine comes unmounted in 10 dmf pieces,5 for the body and 5 for the...

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Instead of covering an entire wall with paper why not put little touches like pictures that can be easily removed when you want? Our Candy wallpaper pattern can be happy and casual, or elegant, it depends on the colors you choose, make the combination you choose, we send you a picture of how it is going to look for free! At Lagoa we can customize the...

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Enjoy assembling our multilayer candle holder and finish it as you preffer, have a fun time and customize your own objects, bring it to life with your own hands and give it as a gift, a present made with your own hands is more precious than one hundred buyed finished, but, we are sure you will not give it away and keep it for yourself... This wonderful...

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This solid raw wood cabinet improves your home feng shui Low cabinet clean lines, designed for  keep in order small objects  without overloading your space, with sliding doors to use less space you can put it behind the sofa or any other corner. AS it is raw you can finish as you choose and customize your home decoration Use your creativity to combat...

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An elegant console with different size drawers with no hangers, a gentle saving space furniture that helps storage in your bedroom,living room or dining room.With the perfect depth to store what you need, I´ve never understand the reason of the inmense depth of this item. And you?

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Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy 5 by 5,10 by 10 or 26 (the whole alphabet or the ones you choose). Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style

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Do you dream of traveling?  Install our aluminium world map on your wall. The only aluminium printed world map where you can choose the color of  land and the names of the countries. If you need other dimensions just ask. A great gift for travellers who doesn´t want to stick our famous vinyl map. What will be your next destination? Measures:139x97cm For...

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