diy design table for small homes
DIY Nice side table

DIY Nice side table

Nice design side table that you finish as you like, with a chalk paint vintage look , with modern patterns, metalic finish with spray paint, lacquered lagoa style (see here)

Be free and creative, have a relaxing time finishing your own nice table, improve your self-stem showing what you can do with your own hands, is cheaper than any psichoterapy.....

There is even more, you can choose the height of your table to fit your needs....

Are you ready?

42,98 €

Diy Side Table Made in dmf, the best material to get professional look finish when you paint.

You can choose any height from 13 to 18 inches, if you want other width and depth ask us about her older sister.

Height from 13 to 18 inches
Width 23 inches
Depth 18,5 inches
Time 10-15 dias

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