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All the furniture that you can buy raw to customize to your liking, some come disassembled and others assembled (those made of solid wood).

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151,24 €

Modern, strong and pure lines office table legs, made of solid wood. You can make yourself a table of modern and minimalist style to get an actual visually clean and diaphanous office. In the blog we explain how you can finish by yourself. For other measures, send us an email to make a personalized quote. Measurements: width: 40cm long: 27cm high: 73cm....

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152,07 €

Flat tv cabinet Minimal, modern, simple, the back board will hide the cables, the best option if you don't want or can't hang the TV on the wall. Made of solid pine wood from sustainable forests, we recommend adding wheels or pieces of felt to the bottom to avoid possible unevenness in the floor. Minimum measurements: 9 inches deep and 11 inches high....

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341,32 €

Excelent quality coffe table RAW for you to finish as you like,  with sizes you can not find on the market,  I´m sure. It doesn´t matter if your living is big or small,the main thing is that you leave space for you, If you are searching for other measures, please ask. Manufactured in solid RAW pine wood and glass. If you need more info about how to finish...

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188,43 €

This modern and simple look sofa side table has the minimum measures to leave a lamp, a phone, books, tv remote control…perfect to put near the sofa. Comfort without loosing space.Big enough don´t you think so?  Measures:52cm(h)x23cm(d)x80cm(d)

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52,07 €

Retro look side table, made of dmf wood, it doesn´t fill your space No screws needed, it can be disassembled and stored flat and its cost is low We sell it raw and flat packed and you finish it as you like saving money and showing everybody what you can do with your own hands, so easy to do,here you can see how our own kids did it last summer. At...

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79,34 €

Perfect shelf to use as a trestle to create your desk and use that space to store what you do not need to have on the table while you work. Its rounded and friendly lines and the material in which they are made, laminated wood, make it perfect for a youth bedroom. You can buy it raw, to finish it as you want. We send it unassembled, you will only need...

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330,00 €

Excellent worktable for small houses. It is perfect for small spaces, as much for its visual lightness as for its size, you will be able to mount your office in any corner and to stop to use the table of the dining room of the room like office and that is always in disorder. With its small side drawers, where you can keep everything and have the table...

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50,41 €

Child headboard in the shape of mountains made in dmf so you canfinish it as you want and customize your room for very little. Its nice silhouette in the form of mountainous relief and the pines that adorn it will protect the wall near the bed and you will be able to decorate it as you want to personalize the bedroom of your children. You just have to...

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165,29 €

Modular shelves, you can cover one wall, or only use three. Have you ever thought of using the walls to multiply your space? Our modular shelves would be a great option. You can make different combinations, this is just an example, For making it affordable we sell this shelves unassembled, so we can send them in an envelope, you just need glue,not screws,...

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94,21 €

Small coffe tables set made of wood and glass raw for making your own composition. Choose 4, 6 or the pieces you need, they are single.Take one of this tables for an informal dinner in front of tv, or put them away when you need the space for something else, like dancing! Measures:40x40x45cm Other dimensions available, just ask.

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280,17 €

Modular bookcase that suits to the space you have. Pieces are not fixed, only supported,  you don´t need screws, or a wall behind, so you can use it as a room divider,adjust the size just sliding the modules. The maximum width for a three pieces combination is 188cm, and minimum of 148cm (depends on how much you overlap them) If you need you can add...

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