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DIY objects, decoration and beautiful gifts

Manufactured with high quality materials, without hardware, only carpenter's glue, then you can enamel, varnish, lacquer them ...

forget about the toolbox, you won't need it, leave behind the encyclopedic instructions of other brands.

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Decorate your table with your style customizing this tray, with its organic shape and its robust thickness will make everyone value the good taste you have. How are you going to decorate it? Make something unique with your hands. Made of multilayer wood ready for you to finish as you want or give a light varnish and leave the wood seen. Measures:...

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Unique, original and different side table so that you can finish it as you want, it is perfect for a unique decoration It has 8 legs, and will create a focus of attention wherever you put it Measurements: 44cm high and 67cm in diameter, but like everything else, we can make it to measure. Made of stratified wood from sustainable farms, it is shipped...

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set of 7 coasters of thick multilayer wood so you can finish them as you want, if  join toguether it forms a mosaic as hydraulic tiles. You can finish them as you want to make a unique, original, created by you, or simply finish them with a thin layer of varnish Let your creativity fly with our products for diy Measures: 4,3x4,3 inches and 0,39 in thick

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38,02 €

This lamp made of wood imitates the branches of a lush forest, so you can feel nature. Its sinuous branches will give a natural touch to your decoration. Enjoy finishing your own lamp, We send it disassembled and raw, so you give it the vintage touch, or finish it in the fashionable colors, mint, blue klein, rose quartz ..., Or we'll finish it in satin...

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35,54 €

Searching for a personalized gift for a kid? Here you have it! Our dolls cradle can be finished as you like for her dolls to sleep toguether (it fits several at the same time) while your kids gently rock them. The crib is sended flat packed and raw, (really easy to assemble, at the blog you have information about how to finish it) Ready to make an special...

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These original plants without flowers do not need maintenance, watering, light or anything, they are perfect, a unique and excellent floral arrangement, because you finish it as you want and remain green or pink or whatever color you want forever. Recover your self-esteem, reduce stress using your creativity, make crafts to give away like this! They are...

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54,55 €

Vintage lines Stool, with an inviting design that fits perfect on every place as an auxiliar chair or to leave your cloths on at the bedroom. Easy to asemble,no cloves or screws needed. We send it raw and flat packed for you to finish on the color you choose, giving your home a personal touch, use your free time making something different with your own...

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140,50 €

Customize our tipi, tent, playhouse, or whatever you want to call and make a world to suit your tastes! It is foldable, to not occupy space, assembly is super-easy, only use the velcro flanges , it has 2 windows that can be closed or opened and become counters, and then, when you no longer use you fold and does not takespace. It is made of laminated wood,...

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42,98 €

Nice design side table that you finish as you like, with a chalk paint vintage look , with modern patterns, metalic finish with spray paint, lacquered lagoa style (see here) Be free and creative, have a relaxing time finishing your own nice table, improve your self-stem showing what you can do with your own hands, is cheaper than any psichoterapy........

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28,10 €

Enjoy finishing your own design lamp, we send it raw and unassembled, for you to give your touch, vintage, on fashion colors as klein blue,mint,quarz pink... Perfect for nice incandescent bulbs.... Made on dmf( wood fibers) the best material for your diy proyects, just need glue and some paint to have your dream home at affordable price... What are you...

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12,40 €

Have you thought about giving away something to be remembered? Something unique that always go with the person you give it away?These 9 keychains are great, each one is different, so everyone knows which is yours,you could write the name of the owner, paint each Keychain in a different color, give it that unique style you want to give, or give away raw...

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Modern simple tray made on dmf wood for you to finish as you like. Make unique, customized gifts. Measures: 35x45cm

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