If you want to decorate your home, Lagoa offers a wide range of wallpaper,stickers,decals,vynils and die cut wall papers that provide originality to your room. Wide range of colors for each model to make your small apartment unique.

You can decorate every corner of your home in a simple and inexpensive way, without taking up space.

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Finally is back! Our christmas tree sticker, an original way to set your christmas decoration without overloading space. It can be sticked almost everywhere, and removed easily when holidays are over, have fun with your kids setting even at your small home. Three different sizes to choose an so many colors to combine. Video guide.

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Christmas decor sticker kit,to quickly set your home for christmas. The kit is composed by  a christmas tree, a christmas crown and 4 socks in one color, and some stars and other items for decorate them in another color. Your kids will have fun with you decorating your home. For beneficiating of this special christmas offer you can order before December...

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To decorate the wall next to the bed and prevent it from getting dirty quickly, we have created these great mandala wall protector They occupy 200 cm wide (beds measure up to 2 meters and from 160cm) and rise up to 50cm, from the floor or from the edge of the bed, to dress the kids room and keep it clean for longer. They are easily cleaned with a damp...

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Frieze of ants that run your wall or other surface making a path, or if you want you can distribute over the entire surface. Measures:3,9x94,48 inches (28 ants)

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This wonderful sticker headboard is easy to set, cheap and you can choose from 12 different colors, with its casual style is perfect for kids room. It is inspired by a classic american design, the Adirondack chair,a relax symbol from 1901. You can dress the room quickly and cheap without loosing space. It is sell  "unassembled" with the crossbars...

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