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Enjoy finishing your own design lamp, we send it raw and unassembled, for you to give your touch, vintage, on fashion colors as klein blue,mint,quarz pink... Perfect for nice incandescent bulbs.... Made on dmf( wood fibers) the best material for your diy proyects, just need glue and some paint to have your dream home at affordable price... What are you...

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Have you thought about giving away something to be remembered? Something unique that always go with the person you give it away?These 9 keychains are great, each one is different, so everyone knows which is yours,you could write the name of the owner, paint each Keychain in a different color, give it that unique style you want to give, or give away raw...

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Modern simple tray made on dmf wood for you to finish as you like. Make unique, customized gifts. Measures: 35x45cm

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This wood plane with timeless aesthetics is perfect to decorate any corner of a design lover, or to make a gift by personalizing it yourself, its rounded shapes make it friendly, emanate charm, charisma and stimulate the soul.It is easily assembled with white glue and each one finishes as it wishes, you can make a complete collection of airplanes or...

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Nordic style DIY Christmas Tree that you finish as you choose, have a Christmas  Party decor better than Rockefeller Center 46 inches high, each piece can be assembled so you can give it the width you like ( no more than 38 inches recomended) After christmas you can  disassemble, perfet to recover christmas spirit, decor your christmas as you like and...

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Make your own decoration, unique and your style, use your creativity to combat stress with this lamp perfectly prepared for you to make a diy and get a unique handmade light, unique and excellent. We guarantee you will raise your self-esteem at a good price. It is a perfect gift, both finished and unfinished. In the blog you can see how we finished one...

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Because he is invaluable, because he is a dandy, because he is always perfectly dressed, a paint that reflects his style, to decorate your locker or your corner of dressing, that will be clear to everyone that he is a smart man, a gentleman. ... a classy guy ....

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Let your child travel on our plane and fly their dreams to the place he wants on our taylo-made plane decal. The perfect gift for babies and children. Available colors:   You can choose 1 color or combine 2 or 3 (do not forget to tell us wich) and the number of flags (one per letter). For other options, click on details.

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Our pretty matrioshka dolls decal will customize your girl´s room with her name in colors, a nice gift that will surprise everybody. The perfect gift for kids and babies. The height of this decal is 27 cm, the final width depends on the number of dolls you need to write down the name, each dolls have one letter on the skirt. You can choose one color or...

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Decorate the children's bedroom with a giant personalized matrioshka doll. Our doll with your daughter's name will decorate your bedroom with the colors you want, an original gift perfect for babies and girls. Measures 65x91cm, the perfect measure to place on a standard door. Choose 1 color or combine 2 or 3, Do not forget to write us what colors you...

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Inspired by the intricate designs of handmade crochet products, typical craft of our Western civilization so often forgot, do not search exotic Budah faces in far destinations to decorate your living room, you have the original closer. Give it a sophisticated touch choosing contrasting colors:

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Decorate your walls with the names of the most famous and sophisticated cocktails, feel like drinking a caipirinha in Brazil in your own kitchen or a bloody mary at Manhattan at your living room. Our wallpaper Cocktails can be elegant,or casual,it depends on the colors you choose, ask for free pictures sample to take the right decision. Need more info...

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