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The bathroom in your house is your oasis, the place where you are alone and relax, dress it up with our ideas to make it unique.

The bathrooms say a lot about you

Have you never thought about it?

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Make your child sleep among the clouds, have sweet dreams, and you rest easy. Use our wallpaper sticker clouds to decorate the walls of the nursery. Give a touch of class and gladden your wall. To know how to use less clouds and cover more surface go here. Wall paper die cutting adhesive. Measures: 2 sheets of 47,24 (h)x16,54(w)inches,84 clouds

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 Express your love to your children and contribute to their happiness by creating a pleasant environment, they will thank you all their lives. These trees have different sizes, the highest measures 25cm, and the smallest 6,cm. Each tree is independent, so you can distribute them as you want, my advice is to start distributing the highest ones throughout...

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Decorate any corner with our wallpapers, instead of covering a whole wall, Hang a picture of fresh green leaves hand painted, and forget about caring for the plants forever. Printed in forex, a rigid material that is eternal and endures any kind of inclement weather, will serve to decorate your terrace or the interior of your home. The size of the leaves...

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Trivet made of beautiful stratified wood with delicate carvings, each piece is unique, hand finished. Protect the table and countertop from hot dishes and pans, giving them the beauty of the rustic and natural, both at your daily table and on special occasions, or simply as a centerpiece. You can finish by yourself or ask as to varnish to leave it raw....

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Do you love a drawing made by you and want to turn it into a vinyl? Here we do it! You just have to send us the file in jpeg and we transform it so that it becomes a wallpaper, a mural or whatever you prefer. You just have to make sure that the image you send us is clear, for example in black and white and take into account that the minimum line...

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Give your walls a refreshing air with our pictures using them as a wallpaper, instead of covering the entire wall and having to wallpaper, use one of our models. An advantage? we can customize them as you want, in this case we can add more or less bathers Inspired by the magnificent photographs of the María Svarbova swimming pool series, we make a...

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Skulls to decorate your walls or any other clean surface, just stick them. Each skull is independent, so you can create a pattern by creating a wallpaper or distribute as you want. They come in sheets of 1.1 mx40cm, and in each sheet there are 60 skulls, 3 of them marked with a cross, marking the hidden pirate treasure. Each skull measures 5x5cm. The...

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To decorate the wall next to the bed and prevent it from getting dirty quickly, we have created these little houses. They occupy 184 cm wide (medium beds up to 2 meters and from 160 cm) and rise up to 42 cm, from the floor or from the edge of the bed, to dress the room of the little ones and keep it clean for longer. Made of vinyl, it is easily cleaned...

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Decorate your table with your style customizing this tray, with its organic shape and its robust thickness will make everyone value the good taste you have. How are you going to decorate it? Make something unique with your hands. Made of multilayer wood ready for you to finish as you want or give a light varnish and leave the wood seen. Measures:...

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The mirrors reflect the light and extend the room, giving the impression that the room is larger Vintage Decor Mirror Who is the fairest in the land? With this mirror it must be you! A perfect gift for vanity people. A sophisticated and chic detail at your home. A retro style inspired by Snow-white evil queen´s magic mirror.

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Are you one of those people whose plants die? Create an urban oasis, a green and fresh environment wherever you want, with our hedera helix vinyl sticker. Suitable for indoor and outdoor you can create a vertical garden on any wall. Dare to upholster a wall and fill it with greenery with these plants so resistant and without the need for water! .... and...

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Special wall art to decorate the laundry corner, there are 5 illustrations with all the washing international symbols that should be in a laundry .... Although you can really hang them where you want. They are colorful, elegant and we make them in the color you ask us, so it matches your decoration, you can communicate with us here: Wall...

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