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Huge gifts, as it sounds, if you want to leave someone impressed, here you can find a lot of ideas, for him, for her, for the children, the grandmother, the son-in-law ..., in fact, for everyone and with a discount special until December 2


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Have you ever figure how easy your life would be if you have everything in order? How it would be if you have by hand but out of sight that amount of things you need at your daily routine? Here you have the solution! Perfect boxes, yes perfect because they are exactly the measures you ask us to make them, simple look and stylish. Organizing, feng shui and...

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Excellent worktable for small houses. It is perfect for small spaces, as much for its visual lightness as for its size, you will be able to mount your office in any corner and to stop to use the table of the dining room of the room like office and that is always in disorder. With its small side drawers, where you can keep everything and have the table...

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Metal dining table legs simple but with design.Their U shape makes them have a different, original but discreet touch. Made of steel and with a natural finish, with a dark aspect, almost black, with the imperfections of the material and protected with a colorless varnish so that you can keep them in perfect condition throughout life. Measures:...

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Modern style Easels for dinner table Table legs for dining room made of laminate, its modern design will make your living room look like none, to be easels you can place them at the distance you want, so you can compose your table the size you need, simply rest on its surface a glass or a board of the material that you like the most. Measures of each leg:...

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Modern, strong and pure lines office table legs, made of solid wood. You can make yourself a table of modern and minimalist style to get an actual visually clean and diaphanous office. In the blog we explain how you can finish by yourself. For other measures, send us an email to make a personalized quote. Measurements: width: 40cm long: 27cm high: 73cm....

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Child headboard in the shape of mountains made in dmf so you canfinish it as you want and customize your room for very little. Its nice silhouette in the form of mountainous relief and the pines that adorn it will protect the wall near the bed and you will be able to decorate it as you want to personalize the bedroom of your children. You just have to...

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Modular shelves, you can cover one wall, or only use three. Have you ever thought of using the walls to multiply your space? Our modular shelves would be a great option. You can make different combinations, this is just an example, For making it affordable we sell this shelves unassembled, so we can send them in an envelope, you just need glue,not screws,...

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Modular bookcase that suits to the space you have. Pieces are not fixed, only supported,  you don´t need screws, or a wall behind, so you can use it as a room divider,adjust the size just sliding the modules. The maximum width for a three pieces combination is 188cm, and minimum of 148cm (depends on how much you overlap them) If you need you can add...

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Modern style desk stands Table legs for desk made of laminate, its modern design will make your desk look like no o As they are independent you can place them at the distance you want, so you can compose your table the size you need, simply rest on its surface a glass or a board of the material that you like. Designed for boards from 65x120cm Do you know...

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The mirrors reflect the light and extend the room, giving the impression that the room is larger Vintage Decor Mirror Who is the fairest in the land? With this mirror it must be you! A perfect gift for vanity people. A sophisticated and chic detail at your home. A retro style inspired by Snow-white evil queen´s magic mirror.

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Mediterranean style lamp in natural materials. Table lamp base. Made of bleached wood and weathered by hand, imitating the effect that the sea makes on the pebbles, rounding and softening them. Handmade, here in Spain. Measurements: 13x13x40cm high (without screen) If you want to make a custom screen here, ask us.

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