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Furniture,lighting and complements designed for enjoy and not fullfill your space with enormous products you don’t need. We want you to have a living room where you can dance if you want to.

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Superheros for your kids, spiderman, superman, hulk, captain america and batman will decorate the walls of their rooms. Gifts for children who dream of superheros and surely already are.   Special for parents who want a different decoration, fleeing pink and blue, so that their children continue to dream of saving the world. Each sheet measures 30x40cm,...

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Small coffe tables set made of wood and glass raw for making your own composition. Choose 4, 6 or the pieces you need, they are single.Take one of this tables for an informal dinner in front of tv, or put them away when you need the space for something else, like dancing! Measures:40x40x45cm Other dimensions available, just ask.

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Metal dining table legs simple but with design.Their U shape makes them have a different, original but discreet touch. Made of steel and with a natural finish, with a dark aspect, almost black, with the imperfections of the material and protected with a colorless varnish so that you can keep them in perfect condition throughout life. Measures:...

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Workhome is a reality, if you need to organize a messy house and clear your desk or any other work surface, here is the solution: The most useful and elegant modular bookcase to clear any workspace. We make them of 2cm thick stratified wood, you can place them vertically or horizontally and add the pieces you want to make it your own solution. You can...

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This lamp made of wood imitates the branches of a lush forest, so you can feel nature. Its sinuous branches will give a natural touch to your decoration. Enjoy finishing your own lamp, We send it disassembled and raw, so you give it the vintage touch, or finish it in the fashionable colors, mint, blue klein, rose quartz ..., Or we'll finish it in satin...

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These original plants without flowers do not need maintenance, watering, light or anything, they are perfect, a unique and excellent floral arrangement, because you finish it as you want and remain green or pink or whatever color you want forever. Recover your self-esteem, reduce stress using your creativity, make crafts to give away like this! They are...

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Enjoy assembling our multilayer candle holder and finish it as you preffer, have a fun time and customize your own objects, bring it to life with your own hands and give it as a gift, a present made with your own hands is more precious than one hundred buyed finished, but, we are sure you will not give it away and keep it for yourself... This wonderful...

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363,64 €

This solid raw wood cabinet improves your home feng shui Low cabinet clean lines, designed for  keep in order small objects  without overloading your space, with sliding doors to use less space you can put it behind the sofa or any other corner. AS it is raw you can finish as you choose and customize your home decoration Use your creativity to combat...

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Give your decoration an exotic touch with art, this handmade illustration of a giraffe will add interest to your walls, take a piece of Africa home and dress that ugly wall without invading it. Giraffe Roberta is hand drawn with graphite pencil, scanned and printed in black and white. You can choose it in large size (50x70cm) or extra large (90x153cm) and...

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