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Modern style desk stands Table legs for desk made of laminate, its modern design will make your desk look like no o As they are independent you can place them at the distance you want, so you can compose your table the size you need, simply rest on its surface a glass or a board of the material that you like. Designed for boards from 65x120cm Do you know...

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The only world map in which you can choose the colors of countries, oceans and names. With the country names in Spanish,or English designed to decorate any room for kids or teens, So it will be useful to know where each country is and learn it for future trips!. A great gift to decorate the youth bedroom, which we have reviewed over and over again so...

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Oversized wall hanger with a simple design full of emotion.Each hanger can become a little masterpiece, leave them as they come or customize them as you like! We give suggestions and templates here:(soon)Made of beech wood with an exquisite finish that pampers everything you hang up.

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Do you dream of traveling? This is a gift for spirited travelers. The only world map where you can choose the color, measures and you can mark the places you want to go and you've visited! Measures:as you choose just tell us one of the sizes and we resize to fit your needs We have 3 diferent standard sizes you can see at the collection. Flags and blades...

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Perfect for a chill out relaxing area.Even for kids room, to lay down in comfort or to be seated near the floor as a big cushion, it has a hole in the middle,like doghnuts, so the filling moves and adapts to your position...Our standard fabric is made of polyester cotton, but if you are looking for an special fabric, you can send it and we will taylor...

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Set of  5 cloud shape wall hangers you can finish as you like. Very easy to assemble. no screws needed, just white glue. Do not conform with things as you find, ADAPT THEM TO YOUR STYLE AND MAKE A WORLD THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS! Here you´ve got a video that shows how to. have a relaxing time finishing your furniture as you like, make a personalized gift to...

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Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy 5 by 5,10 by 10 or 26 (the whole alphabet or the ones you choose). Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style

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Do you dream of traveling?  Install our aluminium world map on your wall. The only aluminium printed world map where you can choose the color of  land and the names of the countries. If you need other dimensions just ask. A great gift for travellers who doesn´t want to stick our famous vinyl map. What will be your next destination? Measures:139x97cm For...

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