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Different rack solutions for storage your books an other stuff on every room, you can change the measures,the finishes, every thing just to help you save space at your small apartment.

165,29 €

Modular shelves, you can cover one wall, or only use three. Have you ever thought of using the walls to multiply your space? Our modular shelves would be a great option. You can make different combinations, this is just an example, For making it affordable we sell this shelves unassembled, so we can send them in an envelope, you just need glue,not screws,...

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280,17 €

Modular bookcase that suits to the space you have. Pieces are not fixed, only supported,  you don´t need screws, or a wall behind, so you can use it as a room divider,adjust the size just sliding the modules. The maximum width for a three pieces combination is 188cm, and minimum of 148cm (depends on how much you overlap them) If you need you can add...

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61,16 €

Workhome is a reality, if you need to organize a messy house and clear your desk or any other work surface, here is the solution: The most useful and elegant modular bookcase to clear any workspace. We make them of 2cm thick stratified wood, you can place them vertically or horizontally and add the pieces you want to make it your own solution. You can...

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478,51 €

Feng shui tells us to let energy flow, and this is precisely what you get with this low cabinet, with a perfect design to place behind the sofa or any other corner of your home. This exhibitor will help you organize your small objects without taking up space. With sliding doors that protect from dust and still take up less space, it will become an...

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Great design wall bookshelf  that you finish as you like. with a chalk paint vintage look , with modern patterns, metalic finish with spray paint, lacquered lagoa style (see here). Make an unique bookshelf, , have a relaxing time finishing your own bookshelf, improve your self-stem showing what you can do with your own hands, is cheaper than any...

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601,65 €

Every time I look for a quality Cabinet I ask my self  Why do they have to be that deep? Do I have to go to Ikea and buy a cheap one or loose meters from mi living room? We have reduce it and make it higher, this way you can keep and preserve all your stuff without fullfilling  your space with enormous furniture,  and usethat space for yourself. Design...

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363,64 €

This solid raw wood cabinet improves your home feng shui Low cabinet clean lines, designed for  keep in order small objects  without overloading your space, with sliding doors to use less space you can put it behind the sofa or any other corner. AS it is raw you can finish as you choose and customize your home decoration Use your creativity to combat...

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