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Bench container, with hidden wheels for easy move. It can be used as an occasional seating on the leaving room,as kids stuff organizer or at the feet of your bed. Perfect for small spaces Measures: 55x70x55cm

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Outdoor armchair made of stainless steel or aluminium, with space underneath for keeping the cushion when its not in use. And stop taking care of your outdoor furniture!. The version of 047 lounge with backrest. Simple,beautiful and useful design. Measures:60cm(a)x60cm(prof)x56cm(h).

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Outdoor eyecatching easychair, bold and curvy metal shape. Sinuous and sculptural organic curves makes this armchair an elegant but informal amazing design. And forget to take care of it, is made on aluminium or steel. measures:65cm(w)x85cm(d)x93cm(h)

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Outdoor puffs and lounges, with room enough under to leave the cushions when its raining. Mobile, pilable, and doesn´t need any spacial care. If you put three pieces toguether, you have a lounge. If you use 6 toguether, you have a daybed. If you use them separated, big low chairs. The perfect simple solution for small backyards or terraces. It is allways...

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Gandul a pouf designed to be used outdoors or indoors Its black open-weave plastic fabric makes it dry immediately, its low weight makes it easy to move and molds to your body, ensuring your comfort. Its easy cleaning, with a jet of water and that's it, makes it ideal for teenage gammers who want to eat pizza on top without fear of staining it. We...

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Sack-type loungerthat molds to your body. You will feel like lying on a cloud. Its black woven plastic fabric shows the polystyrene beads is water repellent, so it dries quickly and isolates you from the ground. You won't have to protect it! Its low weight makes it easy to move, take a nap wherever you want. Measurements: 70x70x170cm It needs 200...

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Perfect for a chill out relaxing area.Even for kids room, to lay down in comfort or to be seated near the floor as a big cushion, it has a hole in the middle,like doghnuts, so the filling moves and adapts to your position...Our standard fabric is made of polyester cotton, but if you are looking for an special fabric, you can send it and we will taylor...

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Vintage lines Stool, with an inviting design that fits perfect on every place as an auxiliar chair or to leave your cloths on at the bedroom. Easy to asemble,no cloves or screws needed. We send it raw and flat packed for you to finish on the color you choose, giving your home a personal touch, use your free time making something different with your own...

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 Cushions modern and minimal. Made with foam and removable crude canvas cotto-poliester cover. Measures:70cm(w)x51cm(d)x7cm(h) other sizes available.

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Cushion for 047 lounges and 051 armchair, Made with foam and removable crude canvas  cover.

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DIY Storage Bench Raw  With hidden wheels for easyly move. It can be used as an occasional seating on the leaving room,as kids stuff hider or at the feet of your bed. Perfect for small spaces. With this unfinished storage bench version you can give it the perfect look and improve your self-steam. See how here. Measures:55x70x55(h)cm

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