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What kind of table do you need? Lagoa offers all the alternatives, dining tables, center, TV desk, office,coffe tables,sidetables .... Combine them, you will see the result. You can buy them in different finishes. Which one do you prefer?.

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Metal dining table legs simple but with design.Their U shape makes them have a different, original but discreet touch. Made of steel and with a natural finish, with a dark aspect, almost black, with the imperfections of the material and protected with a colorless varnish so that you can keep them in perfect condition throughout life. Measures:...

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The minimal expression of a bedside table, elegant, natural, modern. Perfect for small spaces and not to leave things on the ground. To fix it to the wall you just have to screw the support piece. Made of 18mm laminated wood, we deliver it raw so that you can finish them as you want or matt varnished ready to install. You can combine it with the boho...

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Unique, original and different side table so that you can finish it as you want, it is perfect for a unique decoration It has 8 legs, and will create a focus of attention wherever you put it Measurements: 44cm high and 67cm in diameter, but like everything else, we can make it to measure. Made of stratified wood from sustainable farms, it is shipped...

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Teleworking is here to stay. If you don't want to have everything messy and you want to be able to disconnect from the office, Hidden is your best assistant. A modern secretary that fits in any corner, just lower the lid and you are gone from the office. The recesses in the corners make it easy to route all the cables your laptop needs and the...

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Surprise everyone with these discreet modern metal legs, simple, made in metal rod ...And shaped like chicken legs! Legs for any furniture that you do not notice too much, but when you do it ... you can not stop looking at them !!! Suitable for indoor and outdoor. Give a touch of freshness and design 100% Spanish to your home with these legs, 100% unique...

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Nice design side table that you finish as you like, with a chalk paint vintage look , with modern patterns, metalic finish with spray paint, lacquered lagoa style (see here) Be free and creative, have a relaxing time finishing your own nice table, improve your self-stem showing what you can do with your own hands, is cheaper than any psichoterapy........

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297,52 €

Modern, strong and pure lines Dinner table legs, made of solid wood. You can make yourself a modern-style table with minimalist touches to achieve a modern dining room or a visually clean and diaphanous office.  In the blog we explain how you can finish by yourself. You have here all the standard finishes that we have, and you also have the color finish,...

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863,64 €

Modern and pure lines Dinner table, made of solid wood and with glass panel. A design with which you will get exclusivity and functionality. A modern and minimalist style table to get an actual dining room or a visually clean and diaphanous office. Its glass panel makes it a flexible design and adaptable to other measures you want, the one you see here is...

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Modern style desk legs Table legs for desk made of laminate, its modern design will make your desk look like no other. As they are independent you can place them at the distance you want, so you can compose your table the size you need, simply rest on its surface a glass or a board of the material that you like. Designed for boards from 68 cm wide Pensado...

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382,64 €

A nice coffe table with sizes unavailable on the market. Perfect for small living rooms in front of a two seater sofa, choose your finish. Made of solid wood the Y form legs make it very stable,elegant and simple. Measures:43cm(h)x65cm(d)x100cm(w)

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An outdoor table and lamp at the same time. Creates  an espectacular  and relaxed atmosphere,  exterior or interior use. iron painted white estructure and semi-transparent silicone strips, hand-woven like wicker baskets, top is translucent methacrylate

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