Having a home office is possible with the unique furniture for small houses from lagoa

and for the not so small, why waste space with furniture? it seems a bit absurd to be wasting resources, Don´t you think?

Remember, the space you leave empty is the one you are going to use.

Do not be fooled, have your own space is possible, tailor made om your style,  however small your home is we will find the solution, you can finish yourself to save or let us take care of everything.

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The perfect gift to decorate a youth room. A special map with the names in Spanish or English, designed to decorate any juvenile or children's room, so it will be useful to know where each country is and to learn it for your future trips !. You can choose the colors of the countries, of the ocean and of the names of the countries, We have reviewed over...

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Modern, strong and pure lines office table legs, made of solid wood. You can make yourself a table of modern and minimalist style to get an actual visually clean and diaphanous office. In the blog we explain how you can finish by yourself. For other measures, send us an email to make a personalized quote. Measurements: width: 40cm long: 27cm high: 73cm....

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Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy 5 by 5,10 by 10 or 26 letters (the whole alphabet or whatever are the letters you need). Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style

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Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy them 6 by 6. Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style. Great gift, great messages

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If you are one of those who leave the door open to take out the garbage, orwater the plants, or attend a messenger and you have been left out because it closes because of the wind, you need our door stop. The organic design of this wooden door stop can always be in view, it is so beautiful that it looks like a small sculpture. Make an original gift for...

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Wall paper for guys sticker  136 moustaches to stick on wall or where you want. Each moustache is independent, so you can stick on a line, all around a wall, or make your own pattern.

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Decorate any corner with our wallpapers, instead of covering a whole wall, Hang a picture of fresh green leaves hand painted, and forget about caring for the plants forever. Printed in forex, a rigid material that is eternal and endures any kind of inclement weather, will serve to decorate your terrace or the interior of your home. The size of the leaves...

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Dare to finish by yourself this holder with lots of hooks (26 exactly) you can put as you like, it is perfect for having your neckless an other jewels in order, or maybe your keys, or whatever you like to hold, even empty it looks nice. This is part of our DIY collection, nice products you finish as you like. The hooks have different measures and can be...

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The Clerk will help you keep your desk clear, with its original shape of mountainous landscape you will be able to maintain ordered all your papers, pens, pencils and other objects. Made in dmf wood you can decorate it with paintings or cover with paper or fabrics, it is up to you! Improve your self steem with creativity and create a world that fits your...

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Do you love a drawing made by you and want to turn it into a vinyl? Here we do it! You just have to send us the file in jpeg and we transform it so that it becomes a wallpaper, a mural or whatever you prefer. You just have to make sure that the image you send us is clear, for example in black and white and take into account that the minimum line...

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Give your walls a refreshing air with our pictures using them as a wallpaper, instead of covering the entire wall and having to wallpaper, use one of our models. An advantage? we can customize them as you want, in this case we can add more or less bathers Inspired by the magnificent photographs of the María Svarbova swimming pool series, we make a...

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Do you dream of traveling? This is a gift for spirited travelers. The only world map where you can choose the color of the countries and you can mark the places you want to go and you've visited! Measures:49x71cm. Other measures see collection We have 3 diferent standard sizes, if you want a taylor made map jus tell us! Flags and blades are a supplement...

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