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Room Decoration

tables of special sizes, lighting, benches of adequate size, furniture drawers, headboards that dress without taking up space ...

To decorate a bedroom the first thing you need is a good mattress and a good bed,

we take care of everything else, 

No space for the bedside table? we adapt it to your measurements,

You have room for a dresser? Here you will find the one with the least space on the market.


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The mirrors reflect the light and extend the room, giving the impression that the room is larger Vintage Decor Mirror Who is the fairest in the land? With this mirror it must be you! A perfect gift for vanity people. A sophisticated and chic detail at your home. A retro style inspired by Snow-white evil queen´s magic mirror.

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The minimal expression of a bedside table, elegant, natural, modern. Perfect for small spaces and not to leave things on the ground. To fix it to the wall you just have to screw the support piece. Made of 18mm laminated wood, we deliver it raw so that you can finish them as you want or matt varnished ready to install. You can combine it with the boho...

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Mediterranean style lamp in natural materials. Table lamp base. Made of bleached wood and weathered by hand, imitating the effect that the sea makes on the pebbles, rounding and softening them. Handmade, here in Spain. Measurements: 13x13x40cm high (without screen) If you want to make a custom screen here, ask us.

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Frieze, band or valance of dolls to decorate the children's bedroom walls or any other surface. You can coordinate with the customized matriohskas to get the total look  Each doll is independent, so it can be put making a frieze or distributed around the entire room. We sell in 3 strips 120cm wide each. Measures:6,3x141,7 inches, 54 dolls. . Need samples...

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The only world map in which you can choose the colors of countries, oceans and names. With the country names in Spanish,or English designed to decorate any room for kids or teens, So it will be useful to know where each country is and learn it for future trips!. A great gift to decorate the youth bedroom, which we have reviewed over and over again so...

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Why always New York?    Why not our Madrilenian Gran Vía? Are not we proud of our own city?At Lagoa we can customize the measurements and colors of our pictures to find what you want, because you like the fuchsia mixed with lemon yellow and deep green, or the opposite, the main scharacter is you! To choose the colors:

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Lighting is the key that makes a house become your home.Made in linen, a fabric similar as sackcloth but with smaller weft, that fits perfect on any ambient, rustic or urban. Measures:diameter 20cm,height 39cm. If you like other sizes,shapes or fabric just ask!

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Capitone bedhead without buttons. Made in false leather, easy to clean and ecologic.

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Workhome is a reality, if you need to organize a messy house and clear your desk or any other work surface, here is the solution: The most useful and elegant modular bookcase to clear any workspace. We make them of 2cm thick stratified wood, you can place them vertically or horizontally and add the pieces you want to make it your own solution. You can...

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Your kitchen will be the envy of anyone. Use our wallpaper to give a complete touch to the wall or cover entire walls Printed on self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper can be cleaned with a wipe cloth The glasses are arranged following the protocol that we should follow when placing the glasses on a table. The tallest glass, the champagne glass, measures 7cm To...

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King and Queen Crown pack, and sleep like royalty. Large or small size. You can ask us to cut the queen and king name, just fill the names in the path down here before adding it to the cart. Where are you going to stick them? Sizes:

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Decorate the walls easily with our wallpaper ivy. You can use it as wall paper, as it follows a pattern, or place each ornament separately, get a green atmosphere without watering, it creates a very cool bower pattern between vegetable and organic. You can combine more than one color* Put a bindweed where you want and forget watering! . Measures: each set...

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