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25,62 €

If you are one of those who leave the door open to take out the garbage, orwater the plants, or attend a messenger and you have been left out because it closes because of the wind, you need our door stop. The organic design of this wooden door stop can always be in view, it is so beautiful that it looks like a small sculpture. Make an original gift for...

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48,76 €

Decorate any corner with our wallpapers, instead of covering a whole wall, Hang a picture of fresh green leaves hand painted, and forget about caring for the plants forever. Printed in forex, a rigid material that is eternal and endures any kind of inclement weather, will serve to decorate your terrace or the interior of your home. The size of the leaves...

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53,72 €

Do you love a drawing made by you and want to turn it into a vinyl? Here we do it! You just have to send us the file in jpeg and we transform it so that it becomes a wallpaper, a mural or whatever you prefer. You just have to make sure that the image you send us is clear, for example in black and white and take into account that the minimum line...

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660,33 €

Steel and glass dinner table, light visual weight, modern and elegant.Indoor or outdoor use, sculptural simple shape. Perfect for 6 people. Measures:90cm(d)x180cm(w)x75cm(h)

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47,11 €

Give your walls a refreshing air with our pictures using them as a wallpaper, instead of covering the entire wall and having to wallpaper, use one of our models. An advantage? we can customize them as you want, in this case we can add more or less bathers Inspired by the magnificent photographs of the María Svarbova swimming pool series, we make a...

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52,07 €

Retro look side table, made of dmf wood, it doesn´t fill your space No screws needed, it can be disassembled and stored flat and its cost is low We sell it raw and flat packed and you finish it as you like saving money and showing everybody what you can do with your own hands, so easy to do,here you can see how our own kids did it last summer. At...

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111,57 €

Retro aesthetic side table, made of methacrylate, it doesn´t fill your space suitable for outdoor and indoor, supports up to 90 ° C above and below zero, weighs very little and is eternal. No screws needed,it can be disassembled and stored flat and its cost is low ... The truth is that we are very proud of it, so you will soon have siblings.

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180,17 €

Outdoor armchair made of stainless steel or aluminium, with space underneath for keeping the cushion when its not in use. And stop taking care of your outdoor furniture!. The version of 047 lounge with backrest. Simple,beautiful and useful design. Measures:60cm(a)x60cm(prof)x56cm(h).

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315,70 €

Outdoor eyecatching easychair, bold and curvy metal shape. Sinuous and sculptural organic curves makes this armchair an elegant but informal amazing design. And forget to take care of it, is made on aluminium or steel. measures:65cm(w)x85cm(d)x93cm(h)

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17,35 €

It is not a bag, but it is inspired by one and the minimalist jewels of Skagen. This original napkin ring will take your table to another level. Its refined design serves as a blank canvas so that you finish it as you prefer, or as you can always ask us to finish it as you want, let your creativity fly and surprise everyone with your works. Made of...

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632,23 €

Outdoor puffs and lounges, with room enough under to leave the cushions when its raining. Mobile, pilable, and doesn´t need any spacial care. If you put three pieces toguether, you have a lounge. If you use 6 toguether, you have a daybed. If you use them separated, big low chairs. The perfect simple solution for small backyards or terraces. It is allways...

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