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Special children's decorations we make at lagoa with lots of love.

For children and not so small people, for all those who who want to get out of the usual and do not want to lose space or because they live in

little houses or why they do not want to waste space uselessly,

and everything customizable, so you can do

Unique gifts

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The perfect gift to decorate a youth room. A special map with the names in Spanish or English, designed to decorate any juvenile or children's room, so it will be useful to know where each country is and to learn it for your future trips !. You can choose the colors of the countries, of the ocean and of the names of the countries, We have reviewed over...

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Modern, strong and pure lines office table legs, made of solid wood. You can make yourself a table of modern and minimalist style to get an actual visually clean and diaphanous office. In the blog we explain how you can finish by yourself. For other measures, send us an email to make a personalized quote. Measurements: width: 40cm long: 27cm high: 73cm....

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Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy 5 by 5,10 by 10 or 26 letters (the whole alphabet or whatever are the letters you need). Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style

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Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy them 6 by 6. Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style. Great gift, great messages

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If you are one of those who leave the door open to take out the garbage, orwater the plants, or attend a messenger and you have been left out because it closes because of the wind, you need our door stop. The organic design of this wooden door stop can always be in view, it is so beautiful that it looks like a small sculpture. Make an original gift for...

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Wonder woman,the favorite girls superheroines for their room decor. The perfect gift for girls that dream of being superheroines and probably they already are, let Wonderwoman take care of them. Special decoration for dads who want something different, who flee from pink and blue, and who wish their children continue dreaming of saving the world. The...

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Make your child sleep among the clouds, have sweet dreams, and you rest easy. Use our wallpaper sticker clouds to decorate the walls of the nursery. Give a touch of class and gladden your wall. To know how to use less clouds and cover more surface go here. Wall paper die cutting adhesive. Measures: 2 sheets of 47,24 (h)x16,54(w)inches,84 clouds

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 Express your love to your children and contribute to their happiness by creating a pleasant environment, they will thank you all their lives. These trees have different sizes, the highest measures 25cm, and the smallest 6,cm. Each tree is independent, so you can distribute them as you want, my advice is to start distributing the highest ones throughout...

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Do your kids love cars? Decorate their room or furniture with our sticker wallpaper cars. Each sheet  follows a pattern so you can use it as a wallpaper  or place each ornament individually, creates a unique space without investing time. As they are die cutting it creates a great pattern combined with the wall color. Express your love to your children and...

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To decorate the wall next to the bed and prevent it from getting dirty quickly, we have created these garden. They occupy 180cm wide (the beds measure up to 2 meters and from 160cm) and rise up to 30cm, from the floor or from the edge of the bed, to dress the kids room and keep it clean for longer. They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, a great very...

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It's a coat rack, a meter, a tree, a gift. Decorate the walls of children with our tree that with your hangers will help you keep your room tidy and most importantly, with the 4 apples you can mark how much they grow. The 6 branches are independent, each tree is mounted as you want, with 6 hangers in raw wood. Each tree is unique, unique, because you...

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Protect and decorate the wall behind the desk in the color of your choice  Made of high quality self-adhesive vinyl. Choose your colors, with 39cm high, they stand out about 30 cm from the surface of the desk. Measures:353⁄64in (wide) x 4e+1in(height) . To be sure of your purchase you can purchase a sample of the color or colors you want before buying...

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