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Make your child sleep among the clouds, have sweet dreams, and you rest easy. Use our wallpaper sticker clouds to decorate the walls of the nursery. Give a touch of class and gladden your wall. To know how to use less clouds and cover more surface go here. Wall paper die cutting adhesive. Measures: 2 sheets of 47,24 (h)x16,54(w)inches,84 clouds

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Steel and glass dinner table, light visual weight, modern and elegant.Indoor or outdoor use, sculptural simple shape. Perfect for 6 people. Measures:90cm(d)x180cm(w)x75cm(h)

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135,00 €

Retro aesthetic side table, made of methacrylate, it doesn´t fill your space suitable for outdoor and indoor, supports up to 90 ° C above and below zero, weighs very little and is eternal. No screws needed,it can be disassembled and stored flat and its cost is low ... The truth is that we are very proud of it, so you will soon have siblings.

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218,00 €

Outdoor armchair made of stainless steel or aluminium, with space underneath for keeping the cushion when its not in use. And stop taking care of your outdoor furniture!. The version of 047 lounge with backrest. Simple,beautiful and useful design. Measures:60cm(a)x60cm(prof)x56cm(h).

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382,00 €

Outdoor eyecatching easychair, bold and curvy metal shape. Sinuous and sculptural organic curves makes this armchair an elegant but informal amazing design. And forget to take care of it, is made on aluminium or steel. measures:65cm(w)x85cm(d)x93cm(h)

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Outdoor puffs and lounges, with room enough under to leave the cushions when its raining. Mobile, pilable, and doesn´t need any spacial care. If you put three pieces toguether, you have a lounge. If you use 6 toguether, you have a daybed. If you use them separated, big low chairs. The perfect simple solution for small backyards or terraces. It is allways...

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Decorate the walls easily with our wallpaper ivy. You can use it as wall paper, as it follows a pattern, or place each ornament separately, get a green atmosphere without watering, it creates a very cool bower pattern between vegetable and organic. You can combine more than one color* Put a bindweed where you want and forget watering! . Measures: each set...

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Turn your child's bedroom in to a playground with our skirting fence. Put it around the  bed and  protect  the wall from chafing in a pretty, quick and easy to install way. You can choose with flowers or without flowers and in 12 different colors.

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Instead of covering an entire wall with paper why don´t  you put touches as pictures? This is our little tribute to MC Escher, his geometric abstractions and craftsmanship inspired this fake wallpaper. You can customize the colors of our pictures because maybe you like fuchsia mixed with lemon yellow, or the opposite! How to choose colors:

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Perfect for a chill out relaxing area.Even for kids room, to lay down in comfort or to be seated near the floor as a big cushion, it has a hole in the middle,like doghnuts, so the filling moves and adapts to your position...Our standard fabric is made of polyester cotton, but if you are looking for an special fabric, you can send it and we will taylor...

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These original plants without flowers do not need maintenance, watering, light or anything, they are perfect, a unique and excellent floral arrangement, because you finish it as you want and remain green or pink or whatever color you want forever. Recover your self-esteem, reduce stress using your creativity, make crafts to give away like this! They are...

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Cushion for 047 lounges and 051 armchair, Made with foam and removable crude canvas  cover.

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