low cost decor 

Diy furniture and gifts that raise your self-esteem for a decoration with your personality and style and a happy home.

We send them flat packed, the mount and finishes them as you prefer.

Made of high quality materials, they do not need fittings, only carpenter's glue and follow the assembly instructions,
then you can enamel them, varnish them, paint them in different colors, with vinyls ....

Once unpacked, forget about the toolbox, you will not need it, leave behind the encyclopedic instructions of other brands.

Do you know that using your creativity increases your self-esteem and reduces stress?

We want to encourage you to finish your projects yourself easily and simply have your house to your measure, unique and unrepeatable, and you will have a good time doing it.

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106,00 €

Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy them 6 by 6. Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style. Great gift, great messages

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16,94 €

Wood letters to say whatever you like to who you like and the way you choose. You can buy 5 by 5,10 by 10 or 26 letters (the whole alphabet or whatever are the letters you need). Made of dmf fiber, you can finish yourself and give them style

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23,96 €

Dare to finish by yourself this holder with lots of hooks (26 exactly) you can put as you like, it is perfect for having your neckless an other jewels in order, or maybe your keys, or whatever you like to hold, even empty it looks nice. This is part of our DIY collection, nice products you finish as you like. The hooks have different measures and can be...

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16,94 €

The Clerk will help you keep your desk clear, with its original shape of mountainous landscape you will be able to maintain ordered all your papers, pens, pencils and other objects. Made in dm you can decorate it with paintings or cover with paper or fabrics, it is up to you! Improve your self steem with creativity and create a world that fits your...

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399,00 €

Excelent quality coffe table RAW for you to finish as you like,  with sizes you can not find on the market,  I´m sure. It doesn´t matter if your living is big or small,the main thing is that you leave space for you, If you are searching for other measures, please ask. Manufactured in solid RAW pine wood and glass. If you need more info about how to finish...

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141,00 €

This modern and simple look sofa side table has the minimum measures to leave a lamp, a phone, books, tv remote control…perfect to put near the sofa. Comfort without loosing space.Big enough don´t you think so?  Measures:40cm(h)x20cm(d)x80cm(d)

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104,56 €

Retro look side table, made of dmf, it doesn´t fill your space No screws needed, it can be disassembled and stored flat and its cost is low ….We sell it raw and flat packed and you finish it as you like saving money and showing everybody what you can do with your own hands, so easy to do,here you can see how our own kids did it last summer. At downloads...

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33,88 €

Rectangular vinyl  pieces cutted to the size you want, from 50x120cm, you can ask any other measure, including more than one color. Prices will vary depending on the final size, so we suggest send a e mail to lagoa@lagoa.es  telling us what you want to do to give you the most economical option. You can see examples of how we made it here

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66,97 €

Have you ever figure how easy your life would be if you have everything in order? How it would be if you have by hand but out of sight that amount of things you need at your daily routine? Here you have the solution! Perfect boxes, yes perfect because they are exactly the measures you ask us to make them, simple look and stylish. Organizing, feng shui and...

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250,00 €

Metal dining table legs simple but with design.Their U shape makes them have a different, original but discreet touch. Made of steel and with a natural finish, with a dark aspect, almost black, with the imperfections of the material and protected with a colorless varnish so that you can keep them in perfect condition throughout life. Measures:...

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244,46 €

Modular shelves, you can cover one wall, or only use three. Have you ever thought of using the walls to multiply your space? Our modular shelves would be a great option. You can make different combinations, this is just an example, For making it affordable we sell this shelves unassembled, so we can send them in an envelope, you just need glue,not screws,...

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110,00 €

Small coffe tables set made of wood and glass raw for making your own composition. Choose 4, 6 or the pieces you need, they are single.Take one of this tables for an informal dinner in front of tv, or put them away when you need the space for something else, like dancing! Measures:40x40x45cm Other dimensions available, just ask.

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